Have you ever been on a crowded bus or train and wondered who all these people are. Where are they from? Where are they going? What are they going to? Who are they?


Real Lives is a book that looks at the lives of twelve real people. Some of these people may be more famous than others but all have one thing in common they have experienced the need to change the course their life was taking them.


Each chapter in the book is dedicated to one person but the chapter title refers to the profession of that person or the events that dominated their lives. These professions/events range from The Holy Man to The Alcoholic to The Bridge Player to The Abused.


Perhaps the more famous of the real lives that are looked at are Hans Segers who played football for Wimbledon FC during the era of the”Crazy Gang” and Barrington Williams who represented GB at the Commonwealth games and held several records for the long jump.


The story that I became totally engrossed with was “The Gambler”. This story of John Searle reflects how one man can be influenced by events at a very young age (good or
bad) and how these events can dominate a person’s life for so many years.

John Searle turned totally against God for many years, due to an event at an early age, and during this time he and his family were facing extreme circumstances that brought them to their knees. Throughout the story we find that a key point in John’s life is the faithful prayers of a mother for her son and the power of these prayers
should never be under estimated.

At key points in John’s life he recalls verses in the Bible that he learnt as a
child. He is astonished where they are coming from but he can recall them so clearly after so many years. Surely a lesson to us all that we should be teaching memory verses to children at home and in our organisations.


All the people in the book have one thing in common they have had an encounter with God,responded and He changed their lives for Him.




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