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The Lo-debar Trust is a small missionary organisation based in Northern Ireland. Many people however don’t know about the work we do, therefore I’d like to take this opportunity to explain:


1. How the Trust was established.

2. The Lord’s work that we are currently involved in.


It all began in 1998 when a group of six people went out from Northern Ireland to Russia to help with a young people’s camp. Those Russians who attended this camp were from a secular school in St. Petersburg and knew nothing about Jesus and His love and grace for our lost world. During this week, the young people learnt about how God sent Jesus to die for our sins. God also gave these six Irish people a love and burden for the souls of the young people there and their teachers.


During the rest of their stay in Russia, three members felt God calling them to prayerfully consider doing more for Him in this vast land. After coming home and taking time to seek God, not only on a personal level but also as a group, they felt God clearly telling them that this was the right time to set up a charity to do outreach in Russia. 


The Trust was set up with four principles:

  • We would be a faith-based organisation wanting to do God’s work in God’s way and in His perfect timing.
  • All resources provided would go 100% towards God’s work in Russia.
  • All decisions would be prayerfully considered, seeking
    God for His help and wisdom.
  • All trustees would work for the Lo-debar Trust as
    unpaid volunteers and when travelling to Russia, all would cover their own travelling expenses.


Our aim as a Trust is: to provide financial resources to allow the local missionary committees to have the ability to send out young men and women who have been called by God to serve Him as either ministers, pastors, youth pastors, church planters, youth workers, prison workers, to do ministry with schools, children’s work and working on youth camps.


We do this because there are many small churches in outlaying villages and towns that have no full time leadership. This is due to the lack of men in their fellowships and the churches or missionary committees being unable to provide funding to train and send out these gifted young men and women.

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