My name is Olga Kobyakova. I am 29 years old and live in cold Russia.  It is a country with lots of many wonderful places and cities.  For all my life I have been living in the city of Perm which is in the middle of the country.  If you like big cities you will like Perm.

My life was supposed to be an ordinary life until one day when I was faced with the reality that all my problems and struggles were too difficult to handle. I was empty inside. There were many demands on my life and I could not fulfill them.  I was on the verge of committing suicide. I needed something or someone to help me.


I had been studying English at the time and got to know some Americans who turned out to be Christians with a true, living faith.  They introduced me to Jesus whoo is God, Saviour and Almighty.  I truly believed that only He would be able to help me.  I wanted to go to church to worship and and learn more and more about Him.  Unfortunately the only church I knew of was far away from were I lived but God knows everything including our thoughts and wishes.


I worked at the Post office as a post lady and God revealed to me a customer who could speak english and received lots of material in english.  I got to know her and she told me of an evangelical church were I would find people with a similar living faith.


When I first went to the church I got to know many young people who were happy and satisfied with their lives.  In our cruel world it was amazing for me to meet such open and lively young people.  Later I came to realise that Jesus had changed their hearts and changed their lives.  I longed to have the same life and happiness and I invited Jesus into my heart and devoted my life to Him completely. Only Jesus filled my emptiness inside and gave me hope and took the burden of my sins away.  


My parents weren't happy to hear that I had become a christian.  The following several months after my repentance I had to defend my faith.  My mum shouted at me thinking that I had joined a sect.  It brought me hard times but I trusted God and He helped me through these times.  I tried to remember that anything that was going to happen to me could be handled by the Lord and myself.  Nowdays it is alright with my parents but I still pray for their salvation.



I am currently attending Transfiguration Church in Perm city.  It is the same church that I came to for the first time.  I am blessed with having a large family and friends.  God has also blessed me by providing me with my job with the Lo-Debar Trust.  I t was through the providence of God that I am now working for Lo-Debar.  When I first went to Transfiguration Church I met Gordon Campbell who is one of the trustees of the church.  God told him ( I still don,t know how) that I would be an administrator of the Lo-Debar Trust.  Within 3 years I was invited to the family of the Lo-Debar Trust as an administrator.


In my work for the Trust I translate all the prayer letters from Russian missionaries, make up the newsletter and prayer cards etc.  I would also act as a link between my Irish and Russian friends.  When God gives you life and life abundantly, you want to serve Him and please Him by reading His word each day and praying that we will never sit apart.


At present I am working with youth and children's ministries in Transfiguration Church.  This work also involves going to the orphanages, especially at Christmas and Easter time to share the gospel with the little children.



If you come to the point that you don't know what to do next, just take a prayer break and tell it to God.  He will definitely hear you and bless you.


Stay with God.


Philippians 2 : 5 - 11



Olga has been a guest speaker at our midweek service.

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